di Amante "Gourmet" Line: Traditional laminated dough

The secret of pasta nests is in the dough: ours is special because We use simple technology in accordance with household traditions: the lamination of the dough, without mechanical pressing that could subject the dough to thermal stress, helps to preserve its flavour and fragrance.

The nests are formed with the utmost care during every step of the product transformation process. This, together with the delicate stage of slow drying at a low temperature, guarantees the conservation of the nutrients contained in durum wheat semolina, which remain unaltered.

di Amante pasta has a good consistency, is full-bodied on the palate and is flavoursome, light and easy to digest, with a yield typical of fresh pasta when cooked.

di Amante "Top Quality" Line: bronze-extruded short pasta shape

For high quality pasta production, the choice of raw materials is crucial. The type of durum wheat and by the characteristics of which is obtained semolina from it, depends on the quality of pasta.

The varieties of durum wheat Kronos®, direct descendant of the Arizona "Desert Durum", is one of the world's best selections for flour milling characteristics and pasta making, which Molino Grassi has obtained exclusive rights for the cultivation in Italy: semolina obtained from its grinding is characterized by the high protein content, for the intense yellow color, for the superior taste and especially to the toughness of its gluten, that is the ability to withstand the cooking.

It is therefore particularly suitable for the production of high-quality pasta and pasta products for catering (which undergo pre-cooking).

For its extruded through bronze short pasta, Pastificio di Amante chose Kronos®: the best varieties of durum wheat, exclusively of Italian supply chain.



di Amante "Bio" Line: Organic ancient and pure grains

“Cappelli” organic durum wheat semolina pasta di Amante is produced from an old variety of wheat that owes its name to the Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, who promoted the land reform at the start of the 1900s that led to the distinction between hard and soft wheat.

"Cappelli" wheat stand out for its intense aroma, strong flavour and tall spikes over a six-footer that end with the characteristic black mustaches.

Particularly resistant to dry climates, defined in the 30's "chosen race", it is considered the King of Italian durum wheat: a variety of ancient and precious grain, preserved in purity, which has not undergone alterations of modern techniques of genetic manipulation, to the benefit of taste and nutritional content: high percentage of lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as characteristics of high digestibility.

It's also indicated for those who are intolerant to gluten due to the low amount of gluten present in wheat.

di Amante "Bio" Line: the Wholemeal

Dietitians and food experts agree on the importance of wholefood in a balanced diet rich of nutrients.

Indeed, fibre intake in wholefood together with B and E vitamins, are foundamental to decrease fat absorption and potentially carcinogenic substances. Wholefood can also enhance intestinal efficiency and reduce the risk of heart strain.
Food made from whole cereal is high-protein food. For this reason it satisfies even quickly your hunger and it can be a great partner for our diet.
Di Amante whole-wheat pasta is made by using 100% biological whet semolina: it comes from carefully supervised crops , without the use of pesticide, fertilizers of chemical origins and GMO.
This guarantees safety for health and respect for the environment.


Foto by Mauro Foli - www.maurofolifotografo.it